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Oshandi Aids Trust In Namibia - the latest report.

It has been a difficult year for us in many ways. Communications are hard with our partners, Ombome Oto, and with the church, the schools and the community in Oshandi and often limited to text messages.

The community has had a tough time with drought and a plague of locusts whilst coping with Covid. As the villages are spread out there have not been reports to us of many Covid cases, though relatives working in Windhoek have been affected.

We have made two donations of £2,000 for food parcels distribution, through the Ombome Oto volunteers but sadly each time have experienced problems with the Bank transfers.

We have made two donations of £500 to Omungholyo and Malangu schools for school uniforms for the orphans and vulnerable children to help with their initiatives in addressing poor attendance. Food is being distributed to the learners through the schools.

Fundraising has been difficult this year with many of our usual events off-limits, but a successful sale of hanging baskets helped swell the funds and enhance the Saddleworth gardens. Thanks to our Standing Order donors who have kept things going for us with their regular giving.

A website has been developed by a couple of students at the Bluecoat School, Oldham and we are very grateful to the lads for helping us along our IT journey!

In 2023 we will be 25 years old! Initially, it was envisaged that the project would last 7 years! We feel over the next year we need to reflect and reassess our situation with our partner organisation, looking at our capacity in the UK and Namibia and working out the best ways to work with the community to meet their needs. There have certainly been lots of changes over 25 years. It is very difficult when restrictions are in place, visits not possible and communications difficult. A challenge!

Best wishes to all for a joyful Christmas midst these dark times – candles shining and lots of singing!

Ruth Broadhurst, Ann Hibbert and Liz Rooke

Trustees: Oshandi Aids Trust in Namibia

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