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Kaino's Story

The story of 5-year-old Kaino, an orphaned girl of the Ondobe village, who's very life is dependent on the loving family around her and the invaluable efforts of the Oshandi Trust.

Kaino is five years old. She lives in a thatched homestead in Ondobe, one of 19 villages of the Oshandi community in northern Namibia. She is an orphan and has two sisters, all cared for by their grandmother. Kaino has a chronic illness and must take medication every day. To fetch the medication, her grandmother walks five miles through the bush to the clinic in Oshandi. Kaino needs extra food to help the medicine work properly, but the family are poor and food is scarce. Every three months her grandmother again walks to Oshandi to collect a food parcel –some meal and oil, and with this, their own vegetable garden and a chicken is just enough.

Kaino needs the food and medicine to get stronger, to grow and to be able to go to school.

There are more than 300 households like Kaino’s in the villages where orphans are looked after by grandparents or volunteer foster parents. Their situation is a concern for all of us because we are members of the mission partnership that we have had with the community of Oshandi for more than 20 years. the money for the food parcels comes from funds raised by the people and churches of the Saddleworth area and sent to Namibia through the Oshandi Aids Trust in Namibia. This charity was formed after visitors from Saddleworth saw the desperate needs of the large orphan population of Oshandi.

The partnership between OATIN and Oshandi has continued and children such as Kaino have continued to benefit from the food parcels. many of the orphans are now young adults who now need training to find jobs to help their own communities. We would like to expand our partnership to include fees for vocational and professional training at the local college in Eenhana, whilst still providing essential food assistance.

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