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Making a Difference

For over 20 years, O.A.T.I.N. (Oshandi AIDS Trust In Namibia) has been working with Ombome Oto (the volunteer community organization funded by the trust) to support the recruitment and training of community volunteers in the Oshandi Villages.  The trust raises £10,000 annually which contributes directly to Ombome Oto. 


Your invaluable funding provides:       

 -Three monthly food parcels distributed by Ombome Oto

-Drug compliance support​

    -Encouragement for regular health checks, including 168 orphans


OATIN operates through church links between Oshandi, Namibia and Manchester, England. Communication is the key to promoting the best level of resource distribution throughout the trust so that we are able to help those in need.

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Our Vital Work Relies Solely Upon Your Help

The work of The Oshandi AIDS Foundation relies solely on the generosity of people like you to offer the best quality of care for those who are suffering under the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS

Please consider donating to us, to fund the ongoing fight against AIDS


The Oshandi AIDS Trust holds many fundraising events to raise money to be able to support and help those in Namibia.

spreading awareness

Here in the UK,  we spread awareness about the issue of AIDS in Namibia and how we can help. On top of that, in our Namibian base, we promote safe-sex practices to prevent the spread of AIDS.

helping others

Our hard work in Namibia aims to supply vital services, facilities, and products to the people of the Oshandi Villages 

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